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    7135 SmartPhone dialer and Optioanl Fields

    Thank you for contacting Kyocera Wireless. I understand that you would like to utilize the Optional fields provided by the Palm Desktop and Address Book to extend the available number of phone numbers that can be dialed. The 7135 SmartPhone dialer is designed to only make use of the default phone number fields and will not detect or utilize numbers in optional or note fields. In order to increase the available phone number fields, you may wish to search for third party address book / contact programs that are designed for the Palm OS. Please note however that any third party replacement of the Address Book will disable Caller ID as well as Speed and Voice Dialing since these functions are linked to the default Address Book. If your issue is still unresolved, do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Any suggestions?

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    MSAMII: You are fine. When you use a 3rd-party address book application like TakePhone et al, you are not really replacing the built-in application; it's still there. I use TakePhone as a dialer and TealPhone as a replacement for the addressbook. But I did not delete the built-in addressbook. Caller-id, SpeedDialing, and VoiceDial all work great. BTW, the TakePhone dialer app has access to speed-dial functionality so that's obviously not limited to just the built-in app.



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