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Thread: Napster and MP3

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    Napster and MP3

    I purchased software to convert CD's that I own into MP3 format. The problem is that the process seems to take forever.

    Now that Napster has been legalized (I think) Iwould like to use it to add to my 7135 playlist.

    I signed up, and downloaded a test song. The song downloaded into music match format, and I can play songs on my laptop - BFD.

    How do I convert these downloads into mp3?

    I plan on using cruzer to add the downloads to my SD card. If I could only get the songs to MP3.....

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    all these co's are using there own file types in order to keep the riaa happy. itunes uses aac, and napster uses wma. they can't sell you mp3's becuase there is know way to put copyright protection on them.

    in itunes you can burn a cd and then rip the cd into mp3's. i'm not sure about napster though.


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