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    7135 GPS via Ulocate.com

    Hi guys,

    I got a response from Ulocate.com and the 7135 GPS service is on the whiteboard but no ETA. Below is what I got back as a response, if you want to use the 7135 GPS capability through Ulocate then I'd advise sending them requests so they now that 7135 users want this service:

    On our whiteboard of projects! At this time, I can't tell you when you should expect the service to become available. If you subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of the page at www.ulocate.com), we will update you when it becomes available.


    Alan Phillips
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    From: Darren Foo
    To: sales@uLocate.com
    Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 1:24 PM
    Subject: Support for Kyocera 7135


    Will Ulocate be supporting the Kyocera 7135 smartphone? The 7135 has GPS capabilities and you can create a phone-side application since it uses the Palm OS. There is a large number of 7135 owners that would be very interested in purchasing GPS abilities for their phone.


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    Although it would be nice to be included in the list of supported phones, this is not exactly the GPS function I was hoping to get for the 7135. Although I think ulocate is a good service to keep track of your kids, I would be much more excited about a GPS navigation option for the 7135.

    - Brett

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    I haven't used ulocate myself. But reading from the Quickstart guide:

    You can also see the location of all of the phones on your account by pressing the “Locate” button on the phone.

    I assume you can get your GPS data on the phone with the current Motorola BREW application. I don't see why they would leave this out for the Palm app. I'll ask my friend if he can see his location on his Mot.

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