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    $100 to spend and here is what i got :)

    ok i had to drop some cash that has been burning a hole in my pocket and here is what i got :

    PIbackup 2 - awesome backup app with auto schedule backup and exclude list capabilities. it was a struggle debating between PI and backup buddy but PI won out for me because of a couple more features and its been rock solid. http://www.pitech.com/ ~ $15

    Bebopper - if you dont know what this app is what planet have you been living on ? an awesome mp3 player. i dont listen to music that much been i wanted to the other day i found out the demo expired so i sat in silence
    http://www.belltools.com/ ~$20

    Quickword premier upgrade - i need the ability to open email attachments without the headaches of conversions.
    www.quickoffice.com ~ $20

    Snapper Mail vs Versamail - i really like snapper mail but the price is hard to swallow and after figuring out how to get Versamail for a free eval (reading a past thread post) i have been playing with versa, it works pretty well. ~ free for now

    and to round it out i got an extra 7135 battery and that neat SD FM Radio from ibizpda.com ~ $45

    only another $20 ?

    takeaphone - i just finished the eval of this excellent app but again the cost is a little to high for me. i can live with the kyo address book for now after tuning it (using categories) to work for me. its a shame in that the kyo address book would be very very good if it had just a couple enhancments.
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    I don't see the 7135 on the compatibility list for the SD pocket radio. Let us know how it works (or doesn't) when you get it in.


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