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    Honda Handsfree Kit and 7135 Cell

    I own a 2003 Honda Accord and I had the Honda Handsfree Cellular kit installed. This kit operates with the Honda audio system so that an incoming call mutes the audio and plays through the right front speaker giving great sound quality.

    The kit uses various cables to connect to particular cell phones. When I got the kit installed, I had a Kyocera 3035. The cable has a Kyocera data/power plug on one end and a RJ45 plug on the other end that connects to the Honda system.

    I now have a Kyocera 7135 cell. The physical connection to the cell appears to be the same as the 3035 and the Honda cable connects to the cell and even charges the cell; however, it appears that the Kyocera does not recognize the Honda Handfree kit nor does the Honda appear to recognize the 7135 since an incoming call does not trigger the Honda system.

    Honda does not (yet) have a cable that supports the 7135 and, given the cost of the 7135, not sure they will believe there is enough of a market to make one.

    Kyocera support does not (or will not) provide pin out information for the 3035 and 7135 so that I could make a cable that would fit (would just be a matter of arranging the wires in the proper order and installing them into a new RJ45 connector).

    Does anyone know where I can get pin out information or some company that could make me a cable? The Honda system cost about $450 installed and at present is useless!

    Any assistance would be great appreciated! Thanks.

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    I'm not sure about the Accord, but the 2002 (and current) CR-V has deep, circular cupholders. The 7135 fits perfectly and I can use the speakerphone to talk with no hands. Those I speak with say the sound quality is excellent. A side benefit is I cannot see the 7135 screen from this position, which helps me avoid distractions.

    Of course, this doesn't help the $450 you invested already, and the audio system will need your help to get quieter. Keep looking for another right answer, but for now, you may not need to buy anything.

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