A VZW tech was able to use the KWPST software to enable the second NAM on my 7135. Of course, this was only after I provided him detailed instructions from someone I found on a news group.

However, when we tried to change the configuration using the phone software, it refused to save correctly. It took the 'Directory No' field from NAM2 and moved it to the 'Directory No' field of NAM1. That causes two problems: First, it labels NAM1 with the number from NAM2. Second, it makes NAM2 useless. When you switch to NAM2, the phone gets confused.

There's something else that's even more weird. If I switch the NAM2 and NAM1 numbers, the network refuses to authenticate with the new NAM1 number (which was the original number by the way). When I do a *228, it actually reprograms NAM1 back.

I find it hard to believe that this problem could be specific to my phone or some sort of network issue. It seems like a bug in the phone software.

I'm thinking that the KWPST software might be able to save the configuration correctly to the phone.

Can I hear from those that have NAM2 configured and if they used the PC software or not?

Thanks in advance.