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    Display when flipping open

    I am new to the 7135 and I am finding out more information on this phone on your web site then I did from the training CD. Excellent Job. My question: is there anyway to have the date book come up when I open the flip on my phone. I found where I can set it to open to the phone or where you last left it, but I would like the default to be my date book. Thanks

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    Another good idea


    Just when I think I have heard all the good new ideas about this phone a newbiie brings one up on the first post.

    I have gone through a lot of Palm software and am unaware of any app that will default to a specific app everytime you open your phone.

    While I can't help you there, you might want to check the 7135 software forum for a post I made called "small apps big help".
    One app called Autoexec will fire up a specific app everytime you do a soft reset.

    Crash will force your phone to reboot if is should crash preventing the hang problem that occurs sometime. Crash will not prevent the crash, only automatically reboot so you don't have to open the back of the phone and push the reset button.

    Paperclip allows you to initialize a soft reset when you wish from your Launcher rather than pushing the reset button.

    I hope these help you. I will keep an eye out for an app that about which you posted.

    Regards, Bill

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