First I would like to thank everyone for their kindness in posting to this site. Prior to buying the 7135 ( Son get's the 6035 ), you
have helped tremdously in purchasing the phone as well as accessories. I also enjoy the professional atmosphere as well as the humor from time to time

Again, thanks

Otay, now to the debate - I have been trying out Tealmovie and
wanted to know other thoughts to this app. I seem to like it
better than Kinoma because I can launch a movie from any folder
on my SD. Also like the folks from " Virtual Dub " being apart of the
encoding tool - used their product before. You can even turn the movie side ways, lay the phone down and enjoy a trailor. :p
Pricing seems to be the same for both. Here's the link if anyone
would like to try it and give their thoughts: . True Resolution seem to give the best
screen resolution however, not sure about the processor handing
both audio and video in sync at once. But can't have everything.

Sorry if there is a thread on this before.

Again, thanks for all your time and effort. Proves to be priceless