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Thread: Kyocera 7135

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    Kyocera 7135

    I am able to receive e-mails from my Kyocera 7135 just fine using Mindspring.

    I am unable to send e-mails however, and Verizon and Kyocera have not been helpful.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    first off, you need to be a little more decriptive in you thread titles, it very annoying to be forced to read a post to see what's up, you will get more responses if you actually say what is going on in the title first then in the post

    check your smtp server setup

    there is info here about the problems of setting up email on all these phones, please do a search here and you will find lots of info

    welcome to forum, enjoy your new phone
    sorry i couldn't be more helpful
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