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    Unhappy Intermittent Headset Problems

    I am on 7135 number 3. Number 2 started giving me problems when used with the handsfree headset. Sometimes (about 50 percent of the time) when the phone would ring and I would answer, I could not hear any sound from the headset, , but the other party could hear me. Mind you, I could hear the ringer through the headset, but when pressing the answer button (either on the headset or keypad), there would be no audio. Unplugging the headset and talking using the phone without the handsfree will work fine. Many times I can plug in the handsfree after this happens and it works fine again. I don't think it is the jack. When it happens, trying to re-seat the plug into the jack does not work. If the jack was funky, playing with the plug when the audio is not present should give an intermittent audio response which it does not. I thought this problem was solved with phone #3 which is a type B. Nope. I continue to have the same problem. Also, I have 3 different headsets and the problem occurs with all of them (including Kyo's). Anybody else have this problem or have any ideas? (Kyocera is of no help on this issue)

    BTW, VZW charged me $666 for the new phone until I sent in the old phone and I'm having a HELL of a time getting my money back. It took so long for them to check it in, my bill came due and they automatically withdrew the full amount from my checking account. They finally credited my account, but I can't seem to get them to send a refund.
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    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    I am a service tech for VZW. I see this issue regularly on several phone models, including the 7135. The headset jack is not properly soldered in the manufacturing process (my opinion) and needs to be re-soldered. Any VZW location with a service department should be able to easily fix that issue but sync your phone first. Any loss of power to the 7135 can cause a hard reset.

    Hope that helps!

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    The Miracle of a Soft Reset

    A couple weeks ago my headset quit working.
    I've not had time to take the phone into the shop,
    and maybe it's good I didn't.

    Recently it developed another symptom: Vibrate only on incoming call, but SAYING it was in escallate mode.

    Subtle misbehavior...
    Hmmm, maybe the old programmer trick of a reboot is called for.

    I did a soft reset, and now Escallate ring AND the Headset are properly working again!

    Remember: Always try a soft reset before taking time out to go to the repair shop.

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