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Thread: Memos help

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    Memos help

    I have some recorded audio that I made in a hurry using the memo feature. I would very much like to keep these files, and I have lost some before when they did a software upgrade (I didn't think about it and expected the desktop to copy them, it didn't. Is it possible to find this somewhere on my PC, assuming t copied at all (what audio format, etc)? If not, how could I find it and convert it to something I can listen to on the puter? I can clarify if this is confusing.
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    Nope, unfortunatly the audio memos don't sync to the desktop in a format that you can listen to them. I believe they are stored in database (memoProDB file) that is only accessible from the memo app on the phone. I'm pretty sure that it is backed up during the course of regular hotsync. I know mine are backed up with backup buddy. But alas, I know of no app that can retrieve or play them on PC as well. If I really need a message on my PC I use the primitive solution of replaying it on my phone and the recording with a mic attached to my pc.
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