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    Verizon swapped my 7135 for a Samsung i600

    I was an owner of 2 7135s with mutliple crashes, resets and loosing my data for the last 8 months. This past week, Verizon got me in touch with their insurance company, Asurion. The rep at Asurion told me that Verizon has dropped the 7135 for quality and reliability issues and is moving to Samsung smartphones i500, i600 and i700 phones. He told me that he would gladly move me into the new Samsung i600 for no charge. I took him up on it and received my phone yesterday. After using it extensivly for the last two days, I must say I must impressed and glad I made the move. Here's a summary of what I think so far:

    * Very Very reliable. Hasn't dropped one call, crashed or rested once in 48 hours.
    * Keys actually work when you press them. The raised design helps a lot. They are also layed ou in a very ergonomic fashion.
    * When you press any key, the response is immediate. It's fast and predictable.
    * I was able to salvage my 512mb SD card from my old phone.
    * Screen is bright and very ledgeable.
    * Size is smaller and very carryable in you pockets. Fits good in your hands as well. I used to get cramps from my 7135.
    * Did I mention it's reliable.

    That really sums it up for now. I was really excited at first when I started with my 7135 but it eventually wore thin on me due to all the fatal resets and sluggish response. I'll let you know in a few weeks what I think.

    Good luck....


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    This has been bugging me all day. Why do people say that they drop calls as if its the phones fault? Its not the phone, its the service (verizon, sprint, etc.) I had a 6035 with sprint and the service was horrible. So i brought a 6035 with verizon and never had a dropped call. Blaming the phone for dropping calls is like blaming verizon cause your phone wont sync. It doesnt make sense. Well to me it doesnt. If i got a problem with dropped calls, thats verizons fault. Your phone is hooked up to their server. Kyocera has nothing to do with dropped calls. Not that i know of. But hey, maybe i could be wrong. But from my point of view, i never dropped a call while with verizon. The only reason i went to sprint is becuase i wanted the 6035. Had it for about 2 months then switched back to verizon. I was not aware that verizon had the 6035. Bottom line, from my experiences: Verizon=no dropped calls. Sprint=every reception problem you can think of.

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