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    Weird Eudora behavior?

    My 7135 was given to me by a coworker who used it for about 3 months - he never used anything fancier than the address & date book.

    My Eudora app seems to have a glitch. The scrollbar on the far right doesn't seem to work! So in order to read email, I have to select the last email on the first page, and select 'next' until I get to my new email.

    This does have the added benefit of forcing me to keep my inbox relatively cleaned out, but it is starting to be a pain. I've also noticed the problem on my 'sent mail' and other folders.

    Any ideas? I've used Eudora on my old 6035 for ages and it does what I need it to do... I'd prefer not to have to actually buy an app if I don't need to! Any way to uninstall / re-install Eudora??



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    I seem to have the same problem. It only does this in the inbox and not when you're reading a message. It is quite frustrating - I hope someone can post a fix.

    I tried to download the newest version from Eudora's website, but they are still at version 2.1 and my version on the Palm says 2.1.1.


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    It's a bug in the Eudora program. I recommend SnapperMail. Best PalmOS Email client around. It will get even better when v2.0 is released with IMAP support and other new features.

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    Yeah but you can get around it by using the center button. Use that to scroll up and down. Hit hte top to go up the mail list and the down button to go down....

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