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    E-mail help on Verizon Kyocera 7135

    I've had the 7135 since May 2003 and want to be able to send/receive e-mail but not sure how to set it up. I have Road Runner internet service with a few pop3 e-mail accounts and use Outlook to access e-mail on my pc. I would like to be able to download e-mail from Outlook to the 7135 and send e-mail from the 7135. Do I need to sign up for a special e-mail service with Verizon such as Mobil Web or Express Network?


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    first, set up the email accounts using your roadrunner email information. you should most likely be able to receive email using that information.

    next try sending under one or all of the accounts (after you can recieve) and see what happens, it depends on the carrier as to whether or not they will let you send from the phone.

    if you can send, great, if not, contact the isp and see if they will allow you to send.

    if not, search this board for what other people have done to set up outgoing accounts.

    my work email server allows me to send outgoing messages, so i just use that one even to respond to my personal email

    goog luck

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