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    For those who are on Verizon, changing ESN online

    On the Verizon website, once you register, you can change the ESN at anytime to any Verizon phone. Is this bad? Is my account going to be flagged in a negative way? I was thinking of getting the i700 and switch back and forth with my v60i.

    Anyone know? The Verizon rep told me that changing ESN often on my account is bad.

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    If Verizon was worried about it, they wouldn't have given it to use to use and I use this feature quite a bit, probably at least three or four times a month. Sometimes it may even be that much in a week! I have talked to Verizon numerous times and while they do see it on their end in the history of the account, they never have given any negative feedback about it. I have had them comment about the number of ESN changes reflected, but only to say it must be nice for me to be able to do it myself.

    I have several phones that I switch between for fun and convenience (Samsung i700, Motorola V60s, Kyocera 6035 and a Kyocera 7135, now a Samsung i600). I really was down to just switching between just my i700 and V60s. I like the i700, it is just too big to carry all of the time. I had hoped the 7135 would fit my need on both fronts, but unfortunately it just wasn't working for me. Verizon replaced my 7135 yesterday with a Samsung i600. I will use/play with the i600 for a while, but it will probably go to my wife and I will just continue to switch between the i700 and V60s. Of course, if we can get Verizon to carry the Treo 600, or better yet, the fabbled Treo 610 (bluetooth, better screen, etc.) if it becomes a reality, then I will just have to get one of those too. Ahhh, what a confused life I lead.

    My Kyocera 6035 pretty much just rides the bench now, but I just can't bring my self to cut it from the team. It is the one that started it all for me, and the one I have the fondest memories of!

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