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    Icon Manager fatal resets

    I've had Icon Manager installed on my palm for months. I'm trying to create my own perfect set of icons for use with my datebook apps. Problem is that since I got new phone (upgraded firmware) the program crashes every time I try to use it. Sometimes I can copy and past one or two icons, but inevitably within thirty seconds of use I get the fatal reset screen. It doesn't seem to matter which set of icons I am working with.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? As an alternative, is there a way to work with my icons on my desktop and then move them all to the palm? In other words, does anyone know of an icon manager for the desktop? Or a fix to the fatal reset mode?

    Suggestions welcome, as always. I wish you all a happy, reset-free Friday.


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    I use the free version with no problems, but I still have the old firmware. Have you tried the delete and reinstall? Could it be a problem with the icon file and not the icon mgr program?

    Don't know of one for the desktop.
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