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    Lightbulb Possible Solution for Kyocera 7135 High Quality Audio support WITH KIOMA?

    I got a little sick and tired of waiting for Kinoma and Kyocera to work together to make this work so I outlined a solution myself, using the SDK, logic and deductive reasioning:

    Feel free to post replies & your thoughts here and/or better yet post your support for my solution on Kinoma's Forum to get them MOVING and make us a Decent sounding Kinoma Video player and a Kinoma Producer worth paying for!

    Does somebody know how many Kyocera 7135 units have been sold so far? Please post this info on Kinoma's forum so they have an idea of how many people would possiblly use a better Kinoma Player!


    EDIT: oops I should have said "WITH KINOMA" in my thread title.
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