i've connected my 7135 to one PC and a standard PSTN 56K external DAX modem to another PC. I've set the modem and port speeds to 19200bps on both sides. I've set my 7135 to data only. Using Hyperterminal, when I make a call from PSTN side to my 7135 using ATD command, the connection is established when i issue a ATA command after seeing RING in the hyperterminal on 7135 side. Able to send & receive data.

The problem -

1. When i make a call from 7135 side to the PSTN no. using ATD command, the call drops after trying for 6 seconds??? Why is it happening like this???

2. When i try the same using AT+CDV command(cellular CDMA command), i see RING in the hyperterminal on PSTN side. But when i issue ATA on PSTN side, the modem goes into a state where i hear a long continuous beep and after a while displays NO CARRIER.

How can I resolve this issue???