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    Angry Help, display has wrong colors!

    Yipes! I have been loving this phone since last May. Never had any problems. Now the color depth has changed for no apparent reason. Menus that are supposed to have a blue highlight have become purple. That isn't so bad except now all of my JPEG photos and videos look weird. It is almost like the 64k colors have been reduced to 4 colors. I have done a soft reset, removed the battery for a few hours, but to no avail. No new apps had been added in several months. Any ideas? HELP ME........
    I don't want to give up this great phone, I must have a Palm based unit, I use a MAC.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Could it be the brightness or contrast bug? Check your settings.
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    This application might help you

    There is a cute little application out there called "colorize". If you search on google you can find it. It allows you to change the color scheme on a palm device. I like it a lot. Keeps my palm from becoming boring. It might solve your problems. It's also very easy to use, and I believe it's freeware.


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    So many have been complaining about the contrast bug, and since the last firmware upgrade I have not had that issue at all. I have had this problem however, and I believe it to be due to some applications that change color 0 (white) to something else. If you want a treat, try Aargon (the laser+mirrors game) AstroInfo (stargazing proggy), or anything that converts the default white background to anything else (haha), and when the phone screen comes back (like closing it) it's all gaboogled! Oh well, at least I don't have the contrast bug, so I won't whine about that
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    i have had this problem as well, but only when opening it partially.

    i fixed it by taking my phone apart and putting it back together, essentially doing nothing because i could not get to the cable that i guessed had the problem. the only thing i did was disconnect the display cable and reconnected it. i have not had a problem since.

    the best advice i can give you if your warranty is expired is to open your phone, and try re-seating the display cable.

    if you have your warranty still, tell kyo your problem, and they will most likely replace it.

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    The contrast bug is a real issue with the 7135. sounds like you had a loose cable. For everyone else check out a little utility that provides a workaround to the contrast bug...


    I also included it in a thread I started on setting up the 7135
    Setting up and Optimizing the 7135
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