Saw a post about this item for the Treo, but nothing anywhere about using it on the 7135...

Found this item at CompUSA and decided the price was worth the risk, even if it didn't work. I'm always wanting to listen to the radio when I'm shopping or on lunch break.

For starters, you can see the 7135 is not supported, but it's still rather new. I installed the software from the cd-rom, and ran it to see how the radio interface looked. No awards for design or clarity, but in all fairness, the 7135's screen is pretty low res.

After plugging in the SD card radio module, which sticks akwardly off the side of your phone, the OS will hang for about 25 seconds and then "beep" as any regular SD card would do immediately after insertion. I think the software may also hang up the OS for a few moments when you run it without the adapter plugged in. But after the wait, the radio seems to work fairly well overall, aside from occasional volume-slider quirks and the radio station scan feature doesn't seem to work. You are best off disabling the scan button and manually dragging the "dial" to your favorite stations and setting a preset for each station you like. Also might be a good idea to turn off your phone while using the radio, but I don't think incoming calls affected it.

The reception was no better/worse than an average walkman radio, and faired well indoors. It did not seem to interfere with the phone or Palm OS functions, and allowed me to use other Palm apps while the radio continued playing.

You may want to find a cheap soft case that is wide enough to accomodate the phone, with the radio module plugged in, in order to help prevent the module getting bumped or pushed in resulting in ejection from the SD slot.

Let me know if you have any questions...

- bak