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    Question Bebopper & possible battery problem ??

    I installed an audiobook MP3 - 16 megs - about one hour playing time. So as to keep my place in listening to the audiobook I paused bebopper and then closed the bebopper application. My battery discharged overnight. The Question is -If you pause bebopper in mid play and then close the application does it still use battery power to remember where it was in playing the MP3 file ?????.
    Can anyone help. ??????

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    It's not a Bebopper problem. The 7135 will not go to sleep if you pause an MP3. Because the 7135 software doesn't provide the ability to jump to a specific spot in a file before play -- necessary to support any bookmarking -- your best bet is to break the audiobook into pieces. Several people here already do that regularly and could better recommend an app than I.

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