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Thread: A little humor

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    Smile A little humor

    So Microsoft is having a presentation about .NET at my school. As an ASP developer who would like to stay up-to-date, I've been wanting to learn ASP.NET and decided to check things out. They would be talking about Visual Studio, and I have an evaluation copy of 2003 I'm still a bit mystified by, so I thought it'd be informative.

    Well, it wasn't all that informative, but it wasn't bad. We get done and the guys has some goodies to give away. He draws numbers and finally mine comes up.

    He proceeds to give me a t-shirt, which I notice has a picture of a handheld on it (running a certain Seattle-based OS) . . . I turn it over and it says something along the lines of "Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone Developer".

    All the while my 7135 is sitting on my belt. I just thought it was so funny.

    And hey, if any of you PocketPC people ended up with a PalmOS device after some giveaway, I know how you feel - just send me the handheld and I'll give you my t-shirt.

    Any suggestions on what I should do with it?
    I want an MPx with PalmOS supporting EV-DO on Verizon!! Is anybody listening?? :splat: 8)

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    A MS flag-burning party, perhaps?

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    I'll trade you for my copy of Microsoft "Bob".... nah never mind.
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