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    Grrrr...Frustrated with this phone

    Today was a pretty weird cellular day...

    I took my phone off the cradle at 6:30am...brought it to my 2 hour class at school, then came home. Stuck it back on cradle. the whole time it was in my car or in my pocket.

    1:30pm : took it with me to work. The minute i took it off the cradle i got the famous "searching for signal" message. I thought it would reacquire service in a fe wminutes. I got to work and it was still searching...then i shut it off, pulled the battery out, hard reset, backup, only plug without battery, you name it, i did it. It reacquires service..i get some txt messages...then there's a huge spike in reception (I.E : perfect reception in a 1-2 bar recpetion zone) then it searches for signal again...20 minutes later it reacquires it, i can make a call..then the reception spike happens again. Sometimes i can call whenever i get reception again, and i'l have reception of 1-2 bars..but I can't call out it stays on the "calling..." screen. From time to time it says with the warning sign "Service required. Contact provider" then I reboot and it searches and acquires signal, then loses it

    Etc..etc..etc...Whenever I'm on a call, it won't let go though. So now I'm not sure if it's the network (I've travelled about 20-30 km's today, so I should have hit a few different towers) Right now it's sitting in it's cradle and didn't lose reception for 30 minutes, and now it's sitting looking for signal again

    I tried going into the field debug mode, but I don't have the code for that. My programming code only works in the programming field

    I'm gonna go from the cadillac of phones to a lada loaner (probably a motorla 120 )

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    I am having same problem and have been told that is the phone software.. Hence I called ALLTEL and they dont' want to touch the upgrade that it needs. So they say send it in to Kyocera.. Well I can't live without it that long so I am asking people on where can I get this software to fix it. I hear people that have done it just not how yet.. You might find this to be the same fix for you.

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