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    Question Snappermail and Adobe reader

    I have Snappermail, and would like to be able to read .pdf attatchments from e-mails. I seem to remember being able to do this a when I first got Snappermail, but can't seem to do it now.

    I went to Adobe's website and downloaded the most current version of the reader for Palm OS. (3.05 I think)

    In Snapper, it asks if I want to "Open with Adobe Reader" - so it seems to recognize that I have it on my phone.

    When I try to open a .pdf attachment, I get a "Failed to receive beamed document" error.

    FYI - if I open the Adobe reader as an application (on my phone), it seems OK, although I have nothing on my 7135 to test it with, so I don't really know if it is working at all, or if it has to do with Snapper.

    Any ideas???

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    I was getting this error as well when I demo'd Snappermail.

    I never was certain, but I thought it was because the Palm PDF reader doesn't actually read native PDF files. They need to be converted somehow.

    That's why PDF files are only covered with the Premier version of the other email product I'm using now, InBoxtoGo. The PDF files you receive are actually converted on their server before you download them.

    Can anyone else confirm this?
    Peter L.

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    Re: Snappermail and Adobe reader

    Originally posted by SmartDevil
    Any ideas???
    I'm sure that this will smack of "recreational pharmaceuticals", but have you tried to:

    1) Detach (save) the PDF file onto your SD card
    2) Start the Adobe Reader
    3) Open the PDF file

    I haven't tried this, but I'd bet that it would work if the latest Adobe Reader will open a PDF file on the Palm. Maybe I'll have to do some software upgrades and test this idea next weekend.


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    Question Snappermail and native PDF

    has there been any progress on how to open a pdf file which is emailed and opened on the palm via Snapper? I know with Docs2Go and Quicloffice you must go through the host computer. Is there any new palm software that reads PDF's in native form.

    I noticed the last post on this was back in December, has there been any progress to this?



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    Mine works without problem.

    Email the document to yourself.

    Open the document and then tap on the attachment. It will ask to open with Adobe Reader. Tap on that and it will pretend it is beaming to itself.

    The document will open.

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