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    Mobile Mail 3.5.5 - SMTP issues

    Hello- Having a problem with my SMTP on the Mobile Mail for my 7135. Have the correct server and PW, but here is what I get

    When I have the ESMTP (Authentication) checked....I get an immediate "Timeout" error. No delay on the error, which doesn't make sense.

    When I have the ESMTP off or unchecked. It goes through the connection process...says "sending message 1 of 1" then after the status bar reaches %100, I get the following error.
    "550 5.7.1 <------@yahoo.com> Relaying Denied"

    This happens for other domains, not just Yahoo...

    Any help and I'll name my first born after you!!

    Serenity NOW!!

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    Assuming that you are using Verizon, you probably need to use mail.airbridge.net as your outgoing server. Most mail servers (like Yahoo in your example) on the internet today won't relay (send mail for people from another host) to prevent spammers from taking over their servers.

    Since mail.airbridge.net is only accessible from Verizon, they will allow you to send mail with your return address from another mail server. The internet headers will be a bit funny, but very few people actually look at those headers on every (any?) email message that they receive.

    If you have a server that uses SSL or IMAP, then the rules are somewhat different. For the more common POP3/SMTP servers, you can pretty much count on these behaviors.


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    The mail.airbridge.net server for Verizon is being phased out from what I hear. It has also had some very bad performance problems in the past (messages sent via it don't show up at their destination until many hours later). I recommend FastMail (http://www.fastmail.us).

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