Well, another one bites the dust. My beloved 7135 started displaying a fatal reset screen late last night that nothing could get past - not a soft reset, warm reset, hard reset, or crash reset. Oh yeah, and a night without a battery. BackupBuddy was on the job, so I'm not too worried about data, but going even a few days without my external brain is a nightmare.

Why am I telling you this? For sympathy? Well, yes, but also because I got some basic info and figured I would pass it on.

First of all, Verizon stores still have no 7135s, but you all knew that. Spoke to Kyocera tech support, who agreed I had tried everything, and walked me through another crash reset just to be sure. Unfortunately Kyocera also has no 7135s in stock. This scared me at first, thinking they really were killing off the line, but they promised me that they have been flying out of the warehouse because of the whole battery exchange thing. Why this would mean phones going out rather than just batteries I don't know, but that is what they said.

Another interesting thing I heard - I asked if they had any idea when they would be back in Verizon stores, and they said that in the post-battery-recall world, they now have to go through the full Verizon reliability check again (remember when we waited for that?).

So I was treated very well by Kyocera, they sent Airborne over to pick up my phone for overnight shipment to them, with an ~almost~ promise that they would fix it and get it back to me in just a few days.

So I'm struggling here, trying to remember how to use my freshly reactivated 6035. Glad I held onto this ol' thing.

Final point before I finish rambling... this Oscar basket news (see other topic) is very exciting! Rather than the 7135 hitting the end of its lifespan, this could actually signal the beginning?!?