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    Hard Reset after battery swap

    Recently I've experienced a hard reset everytime I change my battery. I know about turning off the phone before a battery swap, and I used to have pretty good luck in only getting a soft reset after each swap. But recently I've had about 10 hard resets in a row - enough to make me think there's something going on with my phone beyond just my poor technique in swapping the battery without double-brushing the terminals.

    I guess I'll try also sleeping the Palm side, although I never had to do that before. Any other ideas?

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    This just happened for the first time yesterday morning, had low battery, changed with fully charged battery, then nothing, I mean nothing. Had to wait 5 minutes, put fully charged battery in again and then had to do a hrad reset/hotsync. wih desktop overwriting hanheld. Luckily, I had done a hotsync yesterday and hadn't lost any data. I'm on my 2nd 7135. Very strange.....

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    Re: Hard Reset after battery swap

    Originally posted by jazmaan
    I guess I'll try also sleeping the Palm side, although I never had to do that before. Any other ideas?
    I turn off BOTH the phone side and sleep the PDA side before doing a battery switch.

    One question: How often do you actually plug your 7135 into a power source? The built-in backup power source that keeps your data "alive" while battery switching is only charged up when the 7135 is plugged into a power source. That source could be a cradle with a power supply connected, or a travel/cigarette lighter charger. If you've been switching batteries without actually plugging in the 7135 for a while, then the built-in backup power source will be drained. Put in a fresh battery, then plug in the 7135 and leave it overnight. That way, the main battery will already be charged, and the backup battery will charge up overnight.

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