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    Handful of questions

    I've had the phone for about a year, and had the 6035 for 2 years before that, and I've been collecting these questions for quite awhile - I've tried to dig through the FAQs and the archives, so I hope I'm not asking anything terrible obvious, but I probably am.

    1) Any way to turn off the necessity of that "this editing operation cannot be undone" junk? I would prefer not seeing that anymore.

    2) The clipboard is clearly small as heck. Any way to expand the size of the clipboard? Recommended hacks, e.g.?

    3) Similar to Q4: When I receive a long mail message in EudoraMail, I would like to transfer it to a memo, but it often takes MULTIPLE transfers. Any way to copy a mail message (it its entirety) to a memo? Even on the desktop would be acceptable.

    4) Does anyone know of a magnifier out there for the Palm? Also, how about a photo utility with a zoom feature? The PhotoSuite has a 1-step zoom, but it only applies to photos of certain resolution.

    5) I have wondered how to clear the caches. It's pretty obvious in the browsers, but for the PQAs (clipper), it's not. Even when I delete the 'Clipper cache' file with File Manager or FileZ, the auto-fill feature still works, indicating that the information is being saved somewhere. Along similar lines...

    6) With Graffiti 2, this is a real hindrance. Let's say you have a word in your auto-fill buffer that says "Laura." If you want to type in 'intel, you try to type an 'i' at the beginning of the PQA field, and it sees the first stroke of the 'i' as an 'L', and when you do the dot stroke for the i, it shows up as 'Li' You then have to go back and edit the field to read 'intel' instead of 'lintel' - similar case with t's and k's, of course.

    7) If I have an image file (.pdb) that I can read with photosuite, but I don't have the original image anymore, is there a way to convert that .pdb image back to a .jpg or something for further manipulation on the desktop?

    I think the answer to this is no, as I have seen some discussion of it, but is there a way for the default handler to be changed from EIS to EudoraWeb, for URLs that you have in your speed dial or address book?

    9) Since getting my account refreshed to use the Express Network, I've noticed that 1 minute Dormant Mode thing you guys have discussed, and I've read that there's really no way to avoid this (this can be a real pain sometimes, because in addition to having to go make a connection again via a PQA or something, sometimes the connection that gets 're-established' is no good, and you end up having to disconnect the reconnect to get anything accomplished, a HUGE pain and almost not worth the increased network speed). Is there any way to (a) prolong this period before dormancy or (b) end the call and close the connection without going through the malarkey I've described above?
    Note: I notice maybe a 50% increase in speed when using EN, not the sort of result I expected (I'm in Pittsburgh).

    10) Why won't the built in 'Browser' work? What is this for?

    11) Can you change your preferences to have the backlight not come on at all for the phone or the Palm?

    12) Is there any way to do a 'find' within a webpage or a memo? I know you can do a search throughout all of your Palm documents, but I'd like to do it within a single memo if possible.

    13) Lastly, I'd appreciate suggestions of your favorite text-only browsers. At the moment I mainly use Eudora, but it truncates web pages over any moderate length, and I use Sedaka for those cases (which is a hassle, because Sedaka doesn't have bookmarks). Also, any recommended source for PQAs would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much for slogging through this (nearly) canonical list of requests, and any help that can be provided.


    P.S.: This is probably a dumber question than any of those above, but: How do you log off of this newsgroup? Ever since it changed formats, I haven't seen any way to get off.

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    this should help with questions 2 and 3.

    It extends the size of the clipboard from 1000 characters to 28,000!
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    You have some very valid questions. many of which are answered elsewhere about this web site. Repeating questions that have already been addressed is not really a problem as it happens all the time.

    However..... if you want people to respond, I would suggest that you separate your questions rather than put them into one long post.

    There many of us out here that wil try to help you, but I think your laundry list will scare some people away as it become too complicated to answer.

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    LapTopHack will take care of #1, #2, and #3. It gets rid of the "operation cannot be undone" requester, and it increases the clipboard size for copying/cutting and pasting to 32KB (32,768 bytes). I use LapTopHack, and it works great!

    For #4, I use AcidImage. For #5, I'm not sure.

    For #6, I use TealScript. It is fully user trainable, so it can be trained to only use the stylus strokes that you want. Wonderful!

    #7 - I dunno. Personally, I think Photosuite sucks. See my answer to #4.

    #8 - I dunno.

    For #9, I believe you need to find the KWPST software and use it to change the internal programming of the phone (i.e. change the dormant timeout). That software is closely guarded by Kyocera, so it's very hard to find.
    #9 part 2 - For the speed increase you see, are you using only the 7135 during the measurement?? If so, that's the reason you won't see much of an increase. The slow 33 MHz processor on the 7135 is the bottleneck. If you hook the 7135 up to a computer and use it as a modem, you will see a significant speed increase on the computer. I get 95 KB/sec download speeds on average with mine. That's faster than a 56K modem.

    #10 - You have to sign up for "Mobile Web" service. That is Verizon's name for it. It's like $5.95 per month. In my opinion, don't do it! Since you can already get to the web with other browsers on the 7135, that service is redundant and will simply take money out of your wallet. Hence, you don't need to use the "Browser" program.

    #11 - Look for two programs - "Energy Dimmer" and "Energy Saver".

    #12 - Only if the program you are using supports the find feature you want. It's up to the program.

    #13 - Simply use your favorite graphical browser (i.e. Blazer, WebPro, Xiino), but turn off the images in the preferences of the program.
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    #12 The built in search function STARTS in the current app. So if you use it while in the desired app, it will find there first.

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    #12 The built in search function STARTS in the current app. So if you use it while in the desired app, it will find there first.

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    #3: You're stuck with the 4K limit in the native Memo pad. I know there are large-memo note programs out there, but I don't know if any provide a conduit to the desktop. Perhaps a Palmgear.com search would turn up something.

    #5: Try CobWeb. It's discussed here:


    #9: Create a new Network entry in the Prefs app, copy all your current entry's stuff to it. These user-created ones have a Details button where you can edit idle timeout - the stock ones do not allow this edit. BTW, the password should be "vzw".

    #10: In addition to the warning already given, what this actually is is a WAP Browser. Not much use, IMHO.
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    #10 - consider waptunnel free service if you must use the WAP Browser
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