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    Ok, this is not a real survey, but I just got EIS version 2.1 (yeah I know it's old), and was hoping to see an improvement over the ROM one. After trying Blazer (The best LOOKING one I have seen to date), PalmComm, and half a dozen PQA's, I am back to EIS, cause they just can't seem to figure out what to do with Javascript. Blazer and 1X don't seem to like each other, and they both just stop cold. Please post your opinions and comments here please, or the link to the thread where this was all done before (since I know there HAS to be one, hehe).

    Also, for those of you running 1X, do you find that the dormant mode seems to kick in an awful lot? Sometimes, the browser just seems to hang, making it take longer to load than the old slow QNC connection I had before. I wanted this to save minutes waiting for stuff to download, and this is definitely taking longer. Is there another setting I need to have on my phone? This occurs even with text only mode, so I am sure that it not the phone's speed in decoding the data stream...

    Thanks in advance.

    FYI, VZW has a $100.00 rebate on the $199 Sierra AirCard (with a 2 year contract or extension), and you could add it to your existing service as a shared line, for $20.00 a month, and just use your package minutes.
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