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    7135 and 1xRTT always on

    I am new to this board, and to the 7135, but not to 1xRTT. I use the aircard 555 in my laptop mounted in my car (I work in EMS, and use it to stay on our dispatch software @ the station). I keep the connection in the car up all the time that I'm in the car. I know that I can keep the connection alive on the 7135 and should be able to make and receive calls. My question is, are there any drawbacks to leaving the connection up? I am coming from Nextel for voice service, and am accustomed to my phone having an always on (allbeit always slow) data connection. I am glad I finally decided to swap to Verizon for my voice service...I had forgotten that people really dont sound like the little speakerbox at Mc Donalds on the phone <g>. I am subscribed to the 5M plan for 1xRTT service, and dont have a lot of fear about overusing bandwidth, as I use the laptop and my unlimited plan for most browsing, I just wanna know if I should disconnect the service when I am done, or just leave it up as if it were cable or DSL service? Thanks in advance!


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    Well, first, it will drain the 7135 battery unless you have it plugged in. Second, the 1xRTT service has what's called "dormant mode". When your connection is inactive it will go into that mode. You can receive calls on the 7135 only when in dormant mode, or when the data connection is not established at all. Plus, if it stays in dormant mode for a certain amount of time, it will automatically fully disconnect.

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    Also, unless you have an unlimited Data Minutes plan, you will get data charges while in Dormant mode.
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