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    Long time users still getting resets/crashes?

    Just wondering...how many resets/crashes do you get in a day or week? I'm on about day 10 with my 7135 and I've gotten about 1-2 per day...including one hard reset. Just wondering how every one else is doing. Is my condition usual or unusual?

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    You're Abe Frohman, the sausage king of Chicago?

    Hard to say whether yours is unusual based on other's reports here, but I've had mine for about 13 months now and almost never get crashes. If I had to define "almost never" I would say less than once a month, probably closer to once every two months.

    I have done some heavy customizing using JackSprat/Flash and have added a lot of apps. My regular usage goes something like this: I use the phone usually for at least an hour a day, SMS constantly for work, check email with Versamail frequently, Blazer for web access occasionally, Plucker everyday, Bebopper almost everyday, and a few games usually at least once a day (I've been playing Another Ball a lot lately).

    I have a few hacks installed: Energy Saver, Afterburner, and the Millikeys hack. I have a 512mb SD card mostly for Bebopper, but I also use it for BackupBuddy which runs every day at 5am.

    I use the speaker phone on occasion and I use the car kit about once a week and have a lot of voice dials programed.

    I've had a couple of hard resets in the past, but they were caused by my screwing around and not because an unexpected problem.

    I don't know if all the customizing I did to it helped improve it's stabillity or not, but I did get crashes a bit more frequently before I made many of the changes. Never had your experience of 1-2 day though.

    I forget what firmware version I have, but it's the one that came on the phone which I believe is the second to the latest version. I never had any serious problems, so I figured it wasn't worth the risk to attempt an upgrade.

    Are you doing anything specific when it crashes or is it random?

    Could be faulty hardware if it happens randomly.


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    I get one or two soft resets a month. Usually after I've been playing graphics intensive games or If i've been in area's of dubious cell phone coverage. I can usually track it down to something that taxes the phone more that usual. What else are you running?
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    I get 1-2/month, nothing too serious. BB VFS covers me, and I've usually got time to recover when needed. I've had mine since Feb 2003 (Mardi Gras, for you old-timers). I actually resisted activating the phone for 5 days while I was in Nawlins...

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    I have the phone since April 2003. Lot’s of apps and hacks installed. I got hard reset only very few times, maybe five. I used to get fair amount of soft resets (two three times a week). Soft resets were almost exclusively during SnapperMail or when phone was interacting with Bebopper.

    I’m pretty sure that in my case the problem happens most often when the phone side is overtaxed by dealing with a weak signal which somehow confuses the active Palm app and leads to a crash. I believe that the combination of EnergySaver, Crash, Crony and BackupBuddyVFS (see below) gives me great protection against this problem.

    Lately (about two months) I am very stable – no resets at all. The phone is solid as a rock. This definitely corresponds with improved phone signal strength in my geographical area.

    I use the following hacks under X-Master:
    - AfterBurner 3.2 (speed up CPU, has a corresponding app as well)
    - FindIgnore (limits Find to specific apps)
    - HBX (application launcher without stylus, has a corresponding app as well)
    - PopUp Calculator (access to calculator without exiting current application)
    - SpeakerPhone Monitor (turns speaker off when ending a call, has a corresponding app as well)
    - TAKEphONE plus! (TakePhone utility, has a corresponding app as well)

    I use the following system type apps:
    - Crash 2.1 (auto soft reset in case of a crash)
    - Energy Saver 1.4 (auto on/off phone in a weak signal area)
    - PiLoc 2.26 b1 (changes character set to be able to use Slavic characters)
    - Crony 2.1 (use it to perform soft reset via PaperClip at 4 AM and to open today’s day in Data Book afterwards)
    - BackupBuddyVFS 2.15 (auto backups to the external SD card)

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    I've had my phone for about 13 months now. I find that if I play wiht the software configuration, I'll get a lot of resets until I can settle things out.
    I'm satisfied with my current setup, so I haven't added anythign new in a while. I've had one soft reset in the last six months.
    But it takes a little patience to learn what combinations of software play well together.
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    AvantGo always caused me a problem no matter what f/w version I used. Once that was removed mine cleared up. I have the matrix screen saver that if I leave running will eventually lock up the phone. But since I stopped adding hacks and older Palm apps it is working ok now.
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    Did you upgrade from another palm device? I upgraded from a Treo 90 and hotsynced without regard to saved preferences. (I never read the manual. I like living on the edge)

    My 7135 was crashing almost daily, until I found that I had several duplicated applications in rom that were also in ram (the Treo 90 places some applications normally found in other devices in rom and places them in ram!). You can use filez or other utilities to check for these and remove them if necessary.

    I removed the duplicate applications and I have no further problems. I haven't had a crash in weeks since!

    If this is your case you'll retrieve a good chunk of memory real estate.

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    I have had good luck.

    I have had mine for about 6 months and I have had a half dozen soft resets, but only when I am downloading new apps and changing things around. If im not then its stable.

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    I've had the 7135 for about a year and a half. I'm up to about 4 or 5 resets per day on average... Haven't had a hard reset in about 4 months (Of course I'm really tempting fate now with that remark)!

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    My original 7135 was replaced a few months ago, and the replacement is rock solid. Only 1 or 2 soft resets so far.


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    Having removed FITALY and AvantGo, I have not had any crashes. (Fingers crossed).

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    I got my 7135 January of 2003. Like everybody here, there were lots of crashes until I got the right combo of programs and hacks for MY pattern of use. Even up to this week and with over 100 add ons, crashes were very rare for me.

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