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    Questions about Firmware and Browser

    I've had my 7135 for 13 months now, but I haven't checked this forum in 9 months, so I am no longer up to date on what is happening in the 7135 world. I have a few questions.

    My phone had a lot of crud on it, so I totally reformatted it, deleting everything, and (except for a few choice backups) re-installed everything from scratch.

    1. I remember hearing something about that if you went to Verizon and got the firmware updated, it would switch you to Graffiti 2. Is this still true? Is it hard to switch over? I've been using the original Graffiti for 6 years, and am wary to switch.

    2. Does the Express Network now only deduct from your normal minutes? When I did the hard reset, Express was set up by default, and I used it accidentally for a few minutes. I called Verizon to see if I would be charged for this. The guy on the phone said that it would just count against my normal minutes, and there was no reason for me to keep using the 14.4kbs service.

    3. What browser is best? I've been using the old Handspring Blazer since I had my Visorphone. But this program tends to be unstable on my 7135 and often soft-resets when I disconnect. Hanspring doesn't appear to exist anymore, and I can't find that Blazer is supported. But I liked it's interface and options a lot better than the Kyocera browser or AvantGo.

    4. Is there a way get a better SMS program than the included one?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    1. Yes, the firmware upgrade to MZ 1.0.44 and SZ 1.0.29 will upgrade the 7135 to Graffiti 2. The only way to successfully revert it back to Graffiti 1 is to buy a third-party replacement character recognition program like Jot or TealScript. I use TealScript, and it works great. There is a download for it from the TealPoint web site called "Legacy Script" that sets it up to about 99% (in my opinion) Graffiti 1 compatibility. I added a few of my own tweaks to it.

    2. Unless you have already bought a separate data plan, Express Network should just deduct from your minutes. Make sure you have a plan with enough minutes to cover your usage during peak usage times. Express Network also has "Dormant Mode", and it will also deduct from your minutes while in that mode. Unlimited nights/weekend, you can use it as much as you want.

    3. Search this site for WebPro.

    4. No, I don't think so. You might get some enhancement out of TakePhone, but not sure. Find that at -> http://www.shsh.com.

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