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    EIS Browser, Verizon, DNS issue

    I run a webserver with multiple domains using name-based hosting. I can access all but one domain using the EIS browser over EN.


    This particular domain seems to resolve to my old server IP (I recently moved to a larger server 1.5-2 months ago with a new IP block)

    Attempted solutions:

    I have cleared cache and cookies on the 7135, and I have no problems accessing the site from any other PC.

    Checked DNS zone settings for the all the domains and they check out and have reasonable time settings for retry, refresh, ttl, etc.

    Weird things:

    It seems to work fine for EudoraWeb.

    On a side note (possibly important note) is that I had afterburner setup to accelerate the EIS browser when I noticed this. Setting it back to default doesnt make a difference now. However, all the other sites on the server (as all other webistes I check) work fine.

    I know EIS is resolving to the wrong IP as it shows the RedHat test page running Apache 2 but my box isnt v2 yet.

    Can I uninstall and reinstall the EIS browser or is that hard reset only?

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    The EIS browser is built into the ROM of the 7135. You cannot uninstall and reinstall it. That browser is generally considered to be a pile of poo. Many recommend loading Blazer or WebPro.

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