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    Opinions on Delorme Street Atlas

    Since there's apparently no trial download of this software, I'd like opinions on it. I currently use Quo Vadis that has detailed street-level maps of many cities (including small cities) across the USA.

    I also really like the continuous scroll feature rather than the typical drag/redraw of most map programs. The maps themselves are rather plain line drawings, however. The Delorme maps look much nicer on screen.

    Note: I am NOT interested in using GPS at this time so that should NOT factor into comments.

    - Paul

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    The maps do look good, and the routing is accurate, but the maps are very big (you will absolutly need to use an SD card) and the program is a processor hog. On the 7135 it runs VERY slowly. Screen updates when you scroll can take a while, and if you use the route finding feature, it can take "forever" to calculate a route, although when it is finally finished, it will more then likely be accurate.

    (note: this opinion is based on the previous version XmapHH USA. I chose not to upgrade to the latest since I had not heard that the speed issues were addressed).

    Also note: I am a huge fan of Delorme's desktop/laptop software.


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    Slow, slow, slow!

    I agree that the maps look great, but trying to pan and zoom through the maps takes way too long with XMapHH2003. Don't even try to calculate a route, as alanb says, it also takes forever. I use my trusty old Solus Pro v1.5 from Delorme, which has been "obsoleted", but has the continuous scroll when using a GPS antenna, and is quick with the pan and zooms. Granted, it's only black and white, only has 2 zoom levels, no routing calculator, and uses raster maps as opposed to vector, but I still favor it way over XMap HH 2003. I only really use XMap on my 7135 now if I have to look up an address on the go.

    I don't know what improvements XMap HH 2004 gives over 2003, but after being burned with Solus Pro 3 and XMap HH 2003, I'm reluctant to try 2004.

    At least give me my continuous scroll back!

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