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    Downloading ))Large(( JPG's

    Can anyone recommend a browser that let's me download large (several screen's worth) JPG's from the web?

    I've tried about 8 browsers but none have a setting to allow me to download and view any more than a single page's massively resized version of a large JPG.

    I know I can download on my PC and either convert or directly sync with the 7135 and view them in PhotoView or such, but, just this once, I'd like to be able to view it directly from my 7135's browser.


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    I don't know of any mobile browsers that let you keep JPEGs at their original size.

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    I just answered my own question! This is really excellent. I just downloaded FirePad the other day and I found it has a brower feature. As limited as the HTML parser is (_very_ limited) it does load ALL pictures at their full resolution.

    A great fix is to get a URL from your favorite brower to the map/pic/etc you want to view and copy it into FirePad.

    You'll see the pic in all it's unadulterated glory.

    happy surfing,


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