I have the Kyocera 7135 w/ Palm OS 4.1 and am a long-time Palm user (had a Palm Pilot Vx for many years).

I am trying to import address book records from a .csv file, but I want to change the "default" and "custom" labels using Tools/Preferences from the menu.

I changed the address labels before the import, but when I attempt the import, the "left" side of the screen still shows the labels and order of the labels that were in affect BEFORE I changed them (using Tools/Preferences). I even un-installed and re-installed the Palm Desktop and still having the same "issue"!

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong -- or is this a "feature" of the Kyocera/Palm OS? (or should we blame this on MS WinXP??)

I called Verizon -- they said "call Kyocera" -- they said "call Palm" -- I said "yikes"!


- angel