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Thread: Palm Browser

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    Palm Browser

    I posted this in the wrong spot before.

    I'm looking for a browser that will allow me to view web pages as if I'm viewing it from my desktop except would be viewing it from my 7135. I want to know if anyone is aware of a product like this for the 7135. Here is the link that I viewed for information but unfortunately it only is preloaded for the sony clie. http://www.palmsource.com/interests/browsers/

    Here is what I would like supported. Does anyone know if there is a browser that will support this and work on the 7135

    NetFront 3.1
    (This program cannot be purchased and downloaded like a traditional Palm OS program. Instead, it is bundled with all Palm OS 5 Sony Clies.) NetFront 3.1 is a proxy-less browser, meaning it renders pages in HTML without having to pass through a company's server. It supports a slew of features including CSS,Javascript, Tables, animations, SSL security, and more. The benefit is that pages look much nicer than proxy browsers, but the drawback is that it may be slower and may take more bandwidth to download pages, which is less appealing when using a connection from a cellular phone where there is a fee per kilobyte of data. Also, horizontal scrolling may be necessary while trying to view larger web pages, meaning slower access to information.

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    i just installed WebProV (from a link here I found via serach) and it is nice. fast, does tables nicely including the back ground colors, renders images fast (you can set the quality to better the speed), worked with ssl.

    other than not doing port forwarding i need to manage my servers, its very nice. i can use Eudora for the port forwarding though as it works fine and using text only speeds things along.

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