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    New MegaLauncher 5.0

    Anyone else try it yet?

    I got an email from them that 5.0 was released and gave it a shot. I've been using 4.3 since I got my phone and love it, but I am unsure about this new release.

    Right now, my biggest problem with it is that I can't seem to be able to categorize apps on the card anymore without actually moving them to the handheld, eating RAM.

    I've got an email into support to verify this feature is gone.

    Glad I have a full backup from last night. Just restore and all is back to "normal"

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    FYI, the release of MegaLauncher 5.0 is not a Kyocera 7135 specific topic. I already started a thread for the new version of the program in the "Palm OS Discussion" thread.

    Here is a link to it -> LINK

    Please post there about the new version.

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