Just received my PQI 512mb SD card. I couldn't find any real posts about these cards here so I figured I post a small review.

I was using a SanDisk 256mb SD card, but maxed it out and needed to upgrade.

So far so good in the 7135.

I didnt need to format it at all. Inserted it into the Kyo and it read it fine. Should I format it? Would that net me a little more space on the card? Empty, it said it was 483mb free.

Copied everything from the old SanDisk (in the card) to the new PQI card loaded into my HP printer. Swapped the card into the Kyo and it took right away and seems to be operating fine.

It does seem a bit faster loading apps from the card into RAM to run them. Not sure if its really faster or if its just me.

BTW, picked it up new off eBay for $70.