Well, since I've done more than my share of complaining about my 4 fiascos with replacement 7135s, I thought it only equitable to share my zeal that I now, finally, have one that appears to function. The only caveat is that I still have not downloaded AOL for PDAs, which I intend to do this evening. If all --ll breaks loose, I'll know that the 7135 can't really manage AOL. My new phone arrived last week, and they even sent me a new cradle and charger! Never in the history of the modern world has so much energy been harnessed to solve a technical problem. Verizon, ultimately, had to send the new phone, but Kyocera technicians were very helpful, once they and Verizon stopped passing the buck as to whose fault it was. If anyone has any clue about how to make AOL for PDAs run seamlessly, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for all your help.