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    Question GPS location Option GONE?? HELP!

    Yesterday my 7135 was stuck on the "Palm Powered" logo screen. (It must have reset? - Oddly enough the outer display was still keeping time?) So I had no choice but todo a soft reset. Everything came back up normal. No Big deal..... This AM I noticed that the GPS location symbol is no longer displayed on the phone. I looked in the Phone Preferences and the option is no longer there! (Phone Pref -> Phone Service -> Position Location)

    I did another soft reset & it is still gone!

    Anyone have any idea what is going on?

    Should I have the Phone side re-flashed?
    (Running the 29/44 software)
    No changes to the phone/palm prior to this odd behavior.

    Thanks for you help in advance.


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    Talking Tell me how you did that

    For some of us (at least myself), since the GPS feature is not stand-alone, meaning you cannot use it as a handheld GPS, it is not only useless but a potential "big brother" issue.

    I do not like any tracking stuff at all. I am fully aware that the cell provider can use triagulation, or most likely can narrow down your position to a particular cell. But any more precise info I find intrusive and undesirable.
    I feel the same way about E911.

    Only my opinion. But if I had the option to turn off *all* tracking I would. I would pay extra to write a firmware to disable it.....with a couple other hacks as well. .

    So if there is a way you found by accident to turn off tracking (all of it) I all ears.

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    Re: Tell me how you did that

    Originally posted by gregpilot
    ...So if there is a way you found by accident to turn off tracking (all of it) I all ears.
    Mee too!

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