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    Integration of stereo headset/boom mic/switch?

    Edit: (tried to delete this but can't). Disgregard, finally read up on the OEM stereo headset with mic/switch.

    Hi all, newbie here. Been reading posts here all week and lots of searches. Great forum.

    The modified stereo headset connector you guys came up with (2.5mm and 3.5 mm female connectors) is great. Wish I could order one but Coolkat's site still say he's not taking orders. (The pc-mobile product seems to have mixed ratings). With Coolkat's mod, how do you guys handle the dual 3.5/2.5 setup? From what I can find, it seems that while you have the option of stereo or phone headset, you don't have both without changing headgear or something. Is that correct?

    I"m wondering if it's possible to make a mod for stereo headphones that includes a velcro attaching boom mic with a 3 way switch so both mp3 and phone function is integrated?

    I was thinking that maybe the stereo headphone 3.5mm male plug could plug into a small module, about .3"x.5"x1", that was velcro'd onto one side of your headphone (you would need either over ear headphones or move the module elsewhere). This module would have a female 3.5mm socket (to plug in your stereo headphone), a 3 way switch to go between mp3 and phone mode as well as answer/end calls, a boom mic hanging off of the module, and a 4 conductor wire going down to the phone with a 2.5mm plug going into the phone. The headphone wire would probably have to be coiled up and put in your shirt pocket or under shirt collar unless you chose to hardwire the whole setup.

    Once, again, I really appreciate how you guys have worked together to get the most out of the 7135. I've had mine a week now and am glad to finally shed my stand alone PalmOS device. I don't miss th 5.0+ OS at all.
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