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    TAKEphONE on SD Card

    I just picked up a new 512mb card and plan to move everything I can to the card. I use TAKEphONE for my "Address" button, but when I moved the app to the card, I can no longer select it as the button app since Palm only sees what's in RAM, I guess.

    There is a utility in TAKEphONE to put it on a button, but it doesn't work as Palm keeps going back to the default "Address" app. Any ideas??

    BTW, I was going to move Agendus to the SD card (currently the "Date" button), but am holding off until I can resolve this issue.

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    Use PowerRun. With that size SD card you are going to love it! I do. It's money well invested. http://simple-palm.com

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