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    fatal exceptions: new phone or new software?

    Ok so I had to send back my original Smartphone recently. It began acting very strangely, and updating the firmware (which had never been done since I got it) didn't help.

    In July I got a refurbished replacement, which had the latest firmware already installed.

    Since I've been using it, I have had numerous fatal exception errors. Not a staggeringly high number...but I'll have to click on 'reset' maybe...I dunno, once every two or three days.

    I can pretty much CAUSE the phone to suffer a fatal exception in one case: I receive text messages of news, movie times, etc. daily. If there is a text message that is very SHORT, trying to view the message causes a fatal exception pretty much infallibly. And often a news story will be sent which will apparently be too long for a single message, so the remainder of the story is sent in a second message, which might be simply "(AP)", so short messages are not uncommon.

    So I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, some character combination or just a short message, but I know that if I receive a very short message like this, chances are I'm gonna crash. (I just experimented by going to Alltel.com and sending a couple of text messages to myself: the message "(AP)" didn't crash it, and neither did "(Chris)" ???)

    So my question is, what do you think is the most likely suspect for the cause of these more frequent fatal exceptions? Some problem with the refurbished phone? Or is the new 44/29 software more prone to fatal exceptions? Anyone have any experiences which might help me out?

    I think we can safely rule out any of my installed software causing this, because on the original phone I maybe had 3 'fatal exceptions' EVER, in nearly a year's worth of use, and I backed up the replacement phone with the old phone's data.

    This is a really great group, by the way...it's helped me out when Kyocera technicians were clueless.


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    Strange crashes like that are usually caused by corruption in the Saved_Preferences or Unsaved_Preferences. Hard reset and restore everything but those. You'll probably have to re-enter the settings and registration codes for your programs, but if it solves the crash problems it will be worth the effort. That's what I had to do with mine a while back. I've been crash free for about three months.

    See my posts in this THREAD for the procedure I used.

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    I would assume a character problem in your text message, not the length.
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