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    I just bought a 7135 on ebay and had it connected to my Alltel network....phone seems to work fine with one exception....when I get a call, the phone answers after about 3 rings....I called Kyocera and they made sure all my car auto answer capability was turned off---which I had already done by the way----then they said I needed Alltel to do a thorough setup (~30 minutes) to fix the phone.....I called Alltel and they didn't think that would fix the problem...

    Anyone else had this problem? I plan to return the phone if it doesn't work---and I consider this not working.....but thought maybe someone else here knew a solution as I do like all the features/size of the phone....

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    I'm not sure if this will help you, but when I first got my 7135 I called Verizon and had then shorten the number of rings on my phone. It had nothing to do w/ my phone; they did it all on their end. For what it's worth....

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