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    Anyone noticed this (voicemail counts updated?)

    Hi all,
    Since upgrading my PRL recently (Verizon), I noticed this for the first time on my 7135: When I receive a voice mail, and click on the '1 new voicemail message' indicator in the messaging app, I see the following line:
    1 VM 0 URG 0 FAX *86

    I never saw this before... it's nice to know now if we get urgent messages, and it's interesting to think that they're going to be adding fax functionality!
    If you haven't already, please vote on a bluetooth voice AND data adapter for the 7135 (that plugs into the serial port, leaving your expansion card slot free!)

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    You will also notice (first time I'm noticing it since I don't believe anyone has left me an urgent message) that if someone does leave an ugent message, the voicemail icon blinks, the message does have it very plainly described that the voicemail left is urgent. The top LED display does not blink.

    New or unnoticed?

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