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    Question re: Verizon SMS

    This is actually Verizon specific, so sorry about posting to this forum:

    I have a Yahoo e-mail account; if I send text messages to anyone (w/ any cell phone service) via e-mail through my Yahoo account, then any reply will return to the Yahoo account. What I'd like to do is add an address to Yahoo with my SMS address on it, so I can send messages from Yahoo, but receive replies at the vtext.com address;

    Problem: The confirmation e-mail (to which you must respond) exceeds 120 characters, so when you get the SMS, it's truncated before you get to the important information.

    Does anyone know a slick way around this?

    Thanks -

    - BS
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    Don't use your SMS address. Use a different address that will eventually FORWARD to your SMS address. Initially, do NOT have it forward so you can read the mail and confirm as normal. After you do that, change the address to forward to the SMS address.
    - Paul

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