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    Hack to light the graffiti screens?

    Does anyone know of a Palm program or hack that can turn on and keep on the graffiti screen backlight?

    I often use my Kyo 7135 in a darkened room (I work in a planetarium), and it's difficult to enter Graffiti characters when you can't see the edges of the screen.

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    From what I remember, I started a thread just like yours before the convergance

    I begged for advice as I use my 7135 as a beeper / pda / phone and when paged at night with a voice message, I'd try to use the memo pad to take notes with the thing while listening to the message on the speaker phone.

    Of the many suggestions, I still use 2. 1st is you can light the backlight by pressing the small CLR or speaker phone buttons below the up / down toggle to light the back light for quick graffitti writing, but I really use Graffitti Anywhere which allows you to use the top screen to write on. With this you can set one of the hard buttons to turn it on and off (I use the message button as I don't really use it otherwise).

    Since Graffitti 2, I'm finding it a bit of a challange to write a capitol T with GA, but all else works fine (I've taken to writting a cap. T in the lower graffitti area if I need to...)

    I'll attach the file, good luck!
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