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    Question email- how to????

    I've a 7135 with Bell Mobility in Ontario. I subscribe to their $5/month mobile browser (web access) and generally use the EudoraWeb browser.

    I'm looking for a solution for occasional email use. I successfully configured the Eudora program so I can read my personal email; but as often happens, my ISP won't allow email to be sent via their outgoing server except over my DSL connection. They do not provide a web interface similar to Sympatico's 'GetMail'.

    Any thoughts other than yahoo, hotmail etc?

    If all else fails, they do have a dialup number, and it seems from the network preferences menu that this phone can be a 'standard modem' as well as a 1x; does that mean I could log in as if I was a PC? If so, how can keep the 1X connection preference for the browser while having this alternative for email (it seems as if the palm OS has one global preference; not one per application...)?


    Thanks also for the ContrastFixer recommendation...

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    I recommend you get a "Member Account" on the FastMail service (http://www.fastmail.fm). It is a one-time-only fee of $14.95 with nothing more to pay ever. You can use their SMTP server for all of your outgoing Email.

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