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    Question MP3 conversion help

    I need a step by step process to convert Napster downloads (I got a gift card so they are "Legal") to Mp3's....
    I bought winamp....can't figure that out either.....
    Also can you download MP3's from any sites that come ready to go for the Kyocera 7135 player......
    Any help would be appreciated.....
    Thanks !!!!!

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    I am not sure what format Napster downloads come in. I use Puretracks for my purchased music and they are downloaded as WMA files. If this is the same as Napster I can tell you the system I have to do it.

    I purchased the MP3 creation pack from sonic. The link is below:


    This is a module that melds in with Windows Media Player. What I do is I then:

    1. Burn my music onto a disc using Windows Media Player (this is the easiest software to use as it manages the licenses.)

    2. Under options in WMP. Select Copy Music. Under format select MP3. (This option appears after downloading the MP3 Creation pack from Cineplayer.) You can then set the slider for quality from 8 kbps to 320 kbps. Also set up a folder you want copied music to go to.

    3. Using the Copy CD function I then copy the CD I just burned back to my computer and this creates an MP3 on my computer.

    4. Using my card reader I copy this into my Audio folder.

    I know it sounds round about. But it is the quickest system I could think of to get these WMA files back to an MP3. I use a RW disc if I don't want the music on a permancent disc.

    Again I'm not sure how Napster comes but hopefully some of this is useful. As far as finding MP3's that are ready to go. Any MP3 can be dragged into the audio folder as long as it about 128 kbps or less. I would strongly recommed using a card reader as it is MUCH quicker than using the MP3 download function that comes with the phone.


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    yikes, that seems, REALLY complicated

    with windows machine

    find an install the "lame" mp3 codec

    run windows sound recorder start->run->sndrec32

    if it will be over a minute in length,, create a blank file of the necassary length first, get the pointer to the beginning of the file

    start recording with sndrec, and then hit play on your player/source of choice.. if the bar isn't jumping, you'll have to adjust the 'source' for sndrec
    (in your sound options (click the speaker icon on the bottom right)
    under options-properties-recording..find your correct input)

    then, in sndrec, choose file-> properties->recording formats, and click 'convert now' choose the 'mpeg layer 3' format,

    it'll will take a momment (with status bar) then save the file
    file->save AND NOW CLICK TYPE to ALL FILES from .wav
    and type in an 8.3 filename ending in mp3
    i.e. fish.mp3

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